NervaOne Guide

NervaOne is a new, modern GUI application. It's a multi-coin, open source wallet and CPU miner that currently supports Nerva, Monero, Wownero and Dash. More coins will be added in the future. This is non-custodial wallet so you are running client tools on your own device.


Daemon view is where you see connections and control mining:



Binary distributions can be found here.

Select the appropriate file for the target platform (Windows, Linux or macOS).


There is nothing to install. You just download the zip file, extract it and run the application!

Starting up NervaOne Desktop for the first time

First time you run NervaOne, it will ask you to select coin. Select Nerva (XNV) and press OK:


It will give up option to change client tools download link and once you confirm, it will download, extract and start nervad

Creating a Wallet / Restoring a Wallet

To create new wallet, go to: Wallet Setup > Create New Wallet

To restore existing wallet from keys or seed go to: Wallet Setup > Restore Wallet from Seed or Restore Wallet from Keys


Opening a Wallet

Go to: Wallet > Open Wallet. A dialog will pop up and it will display available wallets.

Exporting Keys

Each NERVA wallet is, essentially, just a string of 25 words from which the public address is derived.

It is very important to export these keys and back them up somewhere that is safe and secure (meaning somewhere reliable/permanent that no one else can access).

In the event of a lost or corrupted wallet file, computer crash, etc., the 25 word mnemonic seed and Private Spend Key are the only way to restore a wallet and recover the funds it holds.

DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE. Anyone who has these can access your funds and has complete control over your wallet.

In NervaOne Desktop, go to Wallet Setup > View Keys and Mnemonic Seed

Wallet public and private keys as well as 25 word mnemonic seed will be displayed.

safely save and store these words and keys

Transferring funds

Go to: Wallet > Transfer Funds, provide required fields and press OK


If a payment id is provided, you must give it, otherwise you risk losing your funds!

Enter your password if asked and press OK.

Your transaction should now be on the way to the recipient's wallet!

Exiting the Wallet

To exit NervaOne, simply click X on the top.

libhidapi library missing in macOS

If your nervad does not start on macOS because you get error similar to this:

dyld(9313): Library not loaded: '/usr/local/opt/hidapi/lib/libhidapi.0.dylib' Refrenced from: '....nervad' Reason: tried '....libhidapi.0.dylib' (no such file)

Try fix from here.

Those should be the commands that you need to run:

brew update

brew reinstall hidapi

If you do not have homebrew, you'll need to install it from here.

How to set up NervaOne on a computer that does not support AES

  • When first starting NervaOne and after you select Nerva (XNV), change default client tools download link to non-minimal version:
  • Go to Daemon Setup and click "Open Client Toosl Folder"
  • Exit NervaOne and kill nervad in task manager if it's running
  • In that cli folder, rename nervad.exe to something else and after that rename nervad-noaes.exe to nervad.exe
  • Start NervaOne

NervaOne should now use non-aes version of nervad and you should be able to mine.

NOTE: You will not be able to create/open wallet in non-aes version