Community Projects

A list of community projects and initiatives is hosted here. This page is not exhaustive and does not cover the projects in active development. If you're working on something related to NERVA, be sure to let us know on Discord.

Nerva Tools

Mirror of current Nerva projects, by syzygy Nerva Tools

Nerva Stats (Freeboard)


Live network statistics, by xmranon



A map of NERVA full nodes around the world with stats, by syzygy Nerva node map

M4Crypto Store


Merchandise store that sells NERVA gear and accepts payment in NERVA by R0BC0D3R M4Cryto Store


Sometimes projects cease development and the people behind them move on to other things. Fortunately in many cases, the code is released by the author so that others can make use of it. Here are some examples.

Forkmaps Benchmarks

A selection of NERVA mining benchmarks, by JerMe404

Nerva Store Project

Proof-of-concept online store that accepts payment in XNV, by ukminer


An easy way to buy XNV with BTC, by Nithronium The code is available on GitHub.